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Husein Taleie

Abstract: this part is a selection of the reports which is collected from authentic sources concerning the words of holy Prophet regarding imam Husayn. Most of these traditions are recorded by Sunnite tradition narrators.

Key words: Karbala, Ashoura, Ahl Bayt.


What is the secret of this infatuation and this fascination, as if it is woven by the essence of this world, in a way that it doesn’t lose its freshness?

What is the hidden theme of mid-day of the blood-colored desert; which never becomes dull and never fades away; though it has been dragged behind the curtain of false pictures drawn by some historians.

What is the permanent and everlasting color of this tragic event which against thousands of thousand other events of this world still remains and scapes the realm of oblivion and forgetfulness?

What is this horizon towards the perfection of a mankind which in an illuminated perspective can depict confrontation of “ the best created” احسن تقویم with “ the worst of worst” اسفل سافلین ?

The Karavan of Ashora goes through the passage of time and each day higher than before invites the lovers of Karbala to itself. In this Karavan, you can find people from each and every walk of life. How surprising, the Amir of this Karavan could attract all to himself!

Time of his rulership surpasses time

Boarders of his kingdom extend beyond the earth.

Among this convoy of light, we face a group of elites who did not accept imamat of imam Husayn but still their hearts have been lighted by the Blessings of God and their words and works have reflected this light.

This group witnessed light and innocence in imam Husayn. They reported this understanding and for this, their report is readable and interesting.

Here, we include a selection of the reports by Sunnite scholars quoting from the holy Prophet regarding the holy imam Husayn.


God has created Adam, Father of all and inbreathed His Soul in him. Adam looked up to the right side of Arsh and there, among shinning lights, he realized five pictures bowing and prostrating.

He asked, Oh God! Had you made any one from clay before me? God answered, “no, Adam”

Adam asked, “so who are these five pictures whom I found similar to me?”

God answered, “These are the five bodies of your offspring, and if they weren’t supposed to be, I would not have created you. These are “the Five” whom I named by derivations of my Names. If they weren’t, I would have not created heaven, nor hell, nor Arsh, and not Korsi, nor skies and nor the earth, nor angels, nor human beings, no humans and nor jinns. I am Mahmood (praised one) and this is Mohammad. I am Ali (Great) and this is Ali. I am فاطمه Fatir ( Creator) and this is Fatemeh. I am Ehsan (goodness), and this is Hasan. I am Mohsen (benefactor) and this is Husayn.

I swear to my greatness that any one who approaches me while carrying a little bit of hatred towards them – even in the weight of a tiny mustard - I will enter him to the hell. And to do this I will not hesitate.

Oh Adam! These are the selected ones among my creations. I save anyone by them. And only by them I perish anyone ( who I want. ) so any time you need me, resorted them.[i]


We are the arc of rescue. Anyone who grasps it, is saved and anyone who goes far from it, is perished. So anyone who has a request from God should ask it from God by we Ahlul Bayt.[ii]

We are Ahlul Bayt, the keys of blessings and the place of prophecy, where angels commute, and the mines of knowledge.[iii]

We are the family whom no one desearves to be compared with us.[iv]

I, Ali, Hasan and Husayn and nine individuals of Husayn offspring, we are those whom God has purified and saved from sins.[v]


Anyone who desires to live like me; die like my death and rest in the heaven where God has created, he should accept Ali’s Wilayah and Wilayah of his allies after me and follow imams who come after him; they are my family, they have been created from my nature and they have been given understanding and knowledge (from God).

Woe to those of my nation who think virtues of infallibles are just a lie and separate me from them. I will never intercede for them ( to be forgiven by God).[vi]


Gabriel has descended on me and said, God’s greetings, blessings and mercy be on you, oh the Prophet of God! Then he put a white silk fabric from heaven on my hands, two sentences were written on it.

I said, “my friend, Gabriel! What is this silk and what are those lines?

He answered, “oh Muhammad! God has looked at the Earth and selected you from among His creatures and chose you for His mission. Another time He has looked at the Earth to choose a brother, a vizier, a companion and son-in-law for you. So give your daughter Fatimah in marriage to him (the next chosen one after you).

I asked, “oh my Friend! Who is that man?”

He answered me, “oh Muhammad! He is the one who is your brother in religion and he is the son of your uncle; he is Ali ibn Abitalib.

For this wedding even in the skies was holding ceremonies. ( the holy Prophet added) oh Abul-Hasan! I swear God! Gabriel has not left me yet that you knocked at the door. Be aware that I will do what God orders me… I will go to the mosque and I announce your marriage ( you and my daughter) in public. And I will speak about your virtues by which the eyes of you and anyone who likes you will shine.[vii]


Then Prophet went on a pulpit and said,

Praise God who is praised for His blessings; worshipped for His Might which is endless…; He creates with His Power; gave His creation dignity by His religion and by His Prophet gave them value.

Be my witness that I gave my daughter Fatimah to Ali in marriage, her marriage portion is 400 Mesghal of gold…[viii]

In another place, Prophet said, “ an angel came to me and said, oh Muhammad! Two sons will be born from this couple who are the masters of heaven…[ix]


Om al-Fazl had a dream and told it for the Prophet. The Prophet said, “You had a good dream. Fatemeh will give birth to a son.[x] God has ordered me name him “Hasan”,[xi] as the son of Aaron, he was named “ Shabar” ( shabar in Arabic is “Hasan”)[xii]

Oh God! This is my son and I love him. So love him and love his lovers.[xiii]

Anyone who bothers him, bothers me and anyone who bothers me, bothers God.[xiv] This son is the sweet smelling flower of me in this world.[xv] This son of me is the master and God will make peace by his hand between two large groups of people.[xvi]

Anyone who likes to look at the master of youth of Heaven, should look at Hasan ibn Ali.[xvii] He is Hasan and your son after him is “Husayn”.[xviii]


After the birth of Hasan, Omme Fazl had a terrible nightmare.

Prophet told him, “Fatemeh is pregnant.[xix] And will give birth to a child – God willing – soon.[xx] Husayn was born… . God has ordered the agent of Hell (Malik) to put out Fire, because of the greatness of the child who was born to Muhammad in the world. And He ordered the agent of heaven “Rezvan” decorate the Heaven and aromatize it for the happiness of this birth. And He ordered Hor al-Ayn حور العین ornament herself for the happiness of this birth. And told angels to line up to thank God for this creation.


God Almighty has ordered Gabriel to descend to the earth accompanied by thousands of angels… to congratulate Prophet for the birth of this honored child. God said, oh Gabriel! Told Mohammad I named him Husayn.[xxi]

Gabriel sent down and said, oh Muhammad! God sent His greetings to you and said, Ali for you is the same as Aaron for Moses, the difference is only there is no Prophet after you. Give the name of Aaron’s son to your son which was “Shobayr.”[xxii]

Then Gabriel came to me, having a message for me from God: “oh Muhammad! God sends greeting to you and says, I do not keep two sons (Ibrahim and Husayn) for you. You should ignore one of them to save the other one. I said, Gabriel! Take Ibrahim’s life. I am ready to lose my son Ibrahim to keep my other son Husayn.[xxiii]


Be aware! Truly, Husayn, is a door of the doors of Heaven. Anyone who is his enemy, God will make the smell of Heaven Hiram (forbidden) to him. By Husayn a group will reach salvation and a group will reach the opposite.[xxiv]

Husayn is of me and I am of Him. God likes anyone who likes Husayn. Husayn is “Sebt” (my grandchild) from progeny of Prophets.[xxv]

Oh God! I like him. Like him and like those who like him.[xxvi]

Anyone who likes to look at the master of the youth of heavens should look at him.[xxvii] This child is of the bests of my family, from the pure ones and the chosen ones. God does not give blessings to anyone who does not observe right of him after me.[xxviii]

Husayn is the master, the child of a master, the father of masters; he is imam, the son of imam and the father of imams. The proof of God, the son of the proof of God and the father of the proofs of God (the nine imams) are his offspring and the last one of them is قائم (Qaim: imam Zaman).[xxix]


Oh people! I know well that after me you will dispute over selecting my successor. This is Husayn ibn Ali who is the best in terms of his grandfather and grandmother; his grandfather is Mohammad, the Prophet of God and the master of prophets. And his grandmother is the daughter of Khuvailid, the first vanguard of ladies in faith and in accepting God’s Prophet.

This is Husain ibn Ali who is the best of people regarding his father and mother: his father is Ali ibn Abi Talib, brother of Prophet, his vizier and his cousin, the first in beliving God and His Prophet.and his mother, Fatemeh, the daughter of Muhammad, the master of ladies of the world.

This is Husain ibn Ali who is the best of people regarding his aunts and uncles ( paternal side): his uncle is Jafar ibn Abi Talib, having two wings who can fly in heaven how he likes. And his aunt Omme Hani, the daughter of Abi Talib.

This is Husayn ibn Ali, who is the best of people regarding his aunts and uncles (maternal side): his uncle is Qasim the son of Mohammad the messenger of God and his aunt the daughter of Muhammad.

Oh people! This is Husayn ibn Ali whose grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, aunts and uncles and he and his brother are all in heaven.[xxx]

Oh people! Virtues and dignity, rulership and wilayah are specific to the Prophet and his family, so evil agents do not mislead you to other routes.[xxxi]


When I was taken up to the skies, I saw it was written on the gate of heaven in gold that there is no God but Allah, Mohammad is Friend of God, Ali is Vali of God, Fatimah is the special servant of God, Hasan and Husayn are chosen ones by God, damn to the enemies of them.[xxxii]

I swear God whom the life of Mohammad is in His power, anyone who becomes our enemy God will throw him in his face to the Fire.[xxxiii]

God’s rage and His prophet’s rage will be intensified on anyone who shed my blood and bothers me. [xxxiv]

Woe to oppressor of my family’s right. They will be tortured alongside hypocrites in the lowest level of hell. Even for a moment, torture will not skip them and they are filled by the torture of it. Woe to them for this painful chastisement. [xxxv]

God has three red lines anyone who respects them God will save his religious and life. But anyone who does not observe the red lines, God will not save anything of him. And the red lines are Islam, I, and my relatives. [xxxvi]

In the resurrection day, three individuals will be taken: Quran, Mosque and my family. Quran will say they set fire on me and torn me apart. Mosque will say, they kept me shabby and desolate. My family will say, they killed us, exiled us and made us homeless. I will come to object and retaliate. God Almighty will say I myself will take revenge and I deserve more to take their revenge.[xxxvii]

They gave me Kosar … a river in the heaven, which its width and length is extended between east and west. Anyone who drinks from it, never becomes thirty any longer. . . and anyone who kills me and my family cannot drink from it. [xxxviii] Anyone who hears my family asking for help but does not come to help them (to take their rights), God will throw him in his face to the Fire.[xxxix]

The one who sees a cruel ruler – the one who makes halal and haram mixed, who breaks promises, is against sunnah of Prophet, oppresses people- but does not react to this ruler, God will send him where he deserves ( hell).[xl]


Oh People! I remained two precious things with you: the book of God and my family… these two will not separate until they come to me besides “Pond”.

Be aware! I am looking forward receiving them.

Be aware! In the day of Resurrection, three groups will come which are carrying flags. First has dark black flag. I asked them who are you? They say, we are Arab and believe in the unity of God. They forgot me. I say, this is me, Muhammad. They say, we are your nation. I ask, so what did you do with my successor, my Ahlul Bayt and my Book? They say, “we destroy and ruin your book and your family.” They leave “Pond” while they are thirsty and dark-face.

Second group carries a flag darker than the first one. I ask them who you are and they answer similar to previous group. They say we oppose Quran, left your family and made trouble for them. I say, go away! They leave “Pond” thirsty and dark-faced.

Third group held a shining flag. They say we are nation of Muhammad, we obey Quran and we love Muhammad’s family, we fought besides them and helped them.[xli]

I say, be happy! I am Muhammad! Then they will drink from the pond and leave there happily.[xlii]


Ali, Fatimah, Hassan, Husayn ,and I are the most beloved people for God.

Ali ibn Abi Talib is my brother and equal to me, the possessor of Imamat after me, the owner of my flag in the world after me, in this world and the other world, the owner of pond and intercessor; Each muslim is under his custody, he is the leader of all faithful, he is herald of each pious person.

He is executor of my will, my successor in my family and my nation, in my life time and after my demise. Anyone who loves him, is in fact my friend and anyone who is his enemy is my enemy.

Only if my nation accepts his wilayah, they will be surrounded by my mercy and only enmity with him will take mercy of God away.

Any time that I see him I cry as I remember: my nations’ oppression with him which happens after my death to the extent that people keeps him away from my position, my successorship, while it is given to him by God. Then they continue their wrong behavior until they strike his head by a sword and cut his head so harshly that his bear is colored by his blood. This happens in the best month, the month that Quran has been sent.

My daughter Fatimah is the master of all women of the world from the first to the last. He is a part of my body, light of my eyes, fruit of my heart, a soul inside my flesh. And she is an angel in human being's body. When she stands up in her salaat place in front of God, her light shine for angels of skies like the lights of stars winkling for world residence. God Almighty tells his angels:

Look my angels at my servant Fatimah in my court, how she is shivering! She worships me from the depth of her heart.

I take you as witnesses my angels that I save her followers from the fire of hell.

When I see her, I remember that after me how people will behave her. As if I see how humiliation enter her home.

Her respect is unobserved, her right is usurped, she is prohibited from her heritage, her rib is broken, her fetus is aborted; she is crying and calling my name “oh Muhammad” but she is not answered. So after me she is in continuous sorrow, sadness and cry. Sometimes she remembers that no more revelation is for them and sometimes she remembers my distance.

When night spreads its curtain on her, she remembers my voice reciting Quran in the middle of nights, and remembers that she does not hear it any longer, then she feels lonely, she finds herself in humiliation after her dignity she had at the time of her father. At this time God Almighty becomes her companion, He talks to her as Maryam, the daughter of Omran, talked to God. She is told “oh Fatimah God has chosen you and purifies you and chose you over all other women of the world. Oh Fatimah be humble in front of your God, do prostrate and bow down with bowers.”

Then her illness starts. At these moments God Almighty sends Maryam daughter of Omran to nurse and accompany her, but Fatimah told “oh God! I am sick and tired of this life. I am tired of people of the world. Join me to my father.” God joins her to me, she is the first one of my family who joins me. She comes to me while she is sad and displeased, her right is taken and she is killed. I tell her “oh God keep far from your mercy anyone who oppresses her and punish anyone who takes her right, humiliate anyone who humiliates her and keep permanently in your fire anyone who breaks her bone and abort her infant.”’ The angels will say Amen at this moment.

Hassan is my son, my child and a part of my flash, he is light of my eyes, sweet of my heart and fruit of my heart. He is the master of youth of heaven and the proof of God to people. His command is my command and his words my words. Anyone who follows him is of me and anyone who disobeys him is not of me.

When I see him, I remember the humiliations surround him after me; he is humiliated until he is killed injustly by enemies. In that time angels, and the seven skies cry for his death. Everything cries for him, even birds in skies and fish in the heart of sea. Anyone who cries for him, his eyes will not cry in the resurrection day, when eyes are crying; anyone who becomes sad for him will not be sad in resurrection day when hearts are sorrowful and anyone who pays pilgrimage to visit him, his steps will be strong on Sirat, in Resurrection day when all steps are shaking.

Husayn is also of me, he is my son, my child, the best of creatures.

After his brother, he is imam of Muslims, successor, owner of all worlds, helper of all needy, shelter for all shelter seekers.

He is the mercy of God on all creatures, the master of all youth of heaven, he is savior of my nation, his order is my order, obeying him is obeying me. Anyone who follows him is of me and anyone who doesn’t obey him is not of me.

When I see him, I remember how people will behave him after me. It seems I see him seeking shelter in my shrine but he is not given any shelter. I hug him in my dream and order him migrate from Medinah where I had migrated to. I give him the glad tidings of his martyrdom. Therefore he moves in to a land, where is the place of his murdering, the land of hardship, torture, killing and death. A group of Muslims comes to assist him and they are the masters of martyrs of my nation in the resurrection day. As if I see him while an arrow is thrown at him and he lifelessly falls down from his horse on the ground; then like a sheep his head is cut mercilessly.[xliii]


Be aware! Gabriel has informed me that my nation will go astray after me.[xliv] They will kill my son Husayn.[xlv] A belligerent group will murder him.[xlvi] May God never give my mercy and intercession to them.[xlvii]

He is killed[xlviii] when he is turning old, about 60 years old[xlix] after migration[l] to Iraq[li] in the bank of Forat[lii] in Taf[liii] district, in a land named karballa[liv] where is the center of hardship[lv] (kaarb means plight and bala means hardship. Gabriel brought this soil for me[lvi] from a place where Husayn will be killed there.[lvii] Gabriel told me his grave is there[lviii] and he showed me bloody soil of there.[lix]

Gabriel approached me while Husayn was sitting on my stomach.

He asked, “Do you love him?” I said, “yes”. He said your nation will kill him after a short time. Do you want I show you the soil of the place he will be killed there? I said yes.[lx] Oh Gabriel show me the soil of the place he falls on it[lxi], the soil of the land he will be killed there.[lxii]

Gabriel brought this soil[lxiii]. This is that soil I have in my hand.[lxiv] This soil is from the land where Husayn will be killed there.[lxv] This soil smells my son Husayn.[lxvi] Oh omme Salameh![lxvii] I give this soil to you in trust, ,,

Oh omme Salameh![lxviii] any time you see this soil turns into blood, know that my son is killed.[lxix]


I am Muhammad, I am given Javame al kilam[lxx] from its beginning to its end. Now until the last day of my life among you, listen whole heartedly to my words.

When I leave you respect of my family.[lxxi] The news of murdering Husayn in close future is given to me. The soil of the land of his murdering is brought to me. The name or names of his murder or murderers are given to me.[lxxii] Rage of God against his murderer has intensified.[lxxiii] God's rage has intensified to the one who shed his blood. I swear God whom my life is at His Hand, this event torments me[lxxiv]… Now anyone who is alive at his time should run to help him.[lxxv]

It seems as if I am looking at the place of his return from Medina and his grave in karbala while his separated head is taken as a gift. I swear God anyone who looks joyfully at the separated head of my son, Husayn, God will separate his heart and his tongue from each other.[lxxvi]

I swear God whom my life is at His Hand, my son is killed in front of a group while they do not try to stop it and God will make distance between their hearts and their tongues.[lxxvii] and God will overcome insurgent people of that group over them and they will be torn apart into different groups.[lxxviii]

Be aware! God's damn to anyone who kills him and does not help him.[lxxix] If he is left with no help, God, till the day of resurrection, will not help them under any circumstance.[lxxx]


Oh God! Gabriel informed me that this child of me, will be killed without being helped by any one. Oh God! Let him be of the masters of martyrs that you are able to do all things. Oh God! do not give your blessings to his murderer and anyone who doesn't help him. Oh God! You remain his Vali and helper.[lxxxi] Oh God! do not give your blessings to the murderer of my son. Let him taste the fire of hell … anyone who does not help him, do not help him, kill his murderer and do not let him get what he wants.[lxxxii]

A person of my nation will kill him[lxxxiii], the one who has enmity with my family. I hope that my intercession does not include him.[lxxxiv] His name is Yazid. God does not give him blessings.[lxxxv] What do I have to do with Yazid? God does not bless him that he will kill my son, the son of my daughter, HJusayn ibn Ali.[lxxxvi] Oh! the yield of Ale Muhammad will be killed by one who knows himself the successor of him but he is a rebellion. He killed my child and the child of my child![lxxxvii] It seems as if I am looking at a dog… who is rolling in the blood of my family.[lxxxviii] One day my friend Gabriel came to me and told me oh Muhammad your nation will kill your son Husayn. His murderer is the cursed one of this nation.[lxxxix]

The murderer of Husayn is in a coffin of fire in hell and half of the punishment of hell dwellers is set aside for him.[xc]

It seems I am looking at him who is still among the flares of fire for a while and sometimes catches fire while his stomach is boiling like boiling water.[xci] While his hands and legs are tied up with chains of fire, he is humiliated in hell until he collapses into the depth of hell, while hell dwellers are escaping from his severe bad smell, he will remain in hell forever and taste painful torture[xcii] along with those who assist him in killing Husayn.[xciii]

They are not my nation I hate them and God hates them as well.

Mosa ibn Imran asked his God, “oh God! my brother Aaron has passed away, bless him. God told him, “oh Moses! If you ask this for all people from past to future, I will accept unless the murderer of Husayn ibn Ali from whom I will take revenge.[xciv] Moses ibn Imran asked God to let him pay a pilgrimage to the grave of Ali. God fulfilled his request. Moses went to visit Husayn's grave, accompanied by seventy thousand angels.[xcv]


In the day of resurrection, my daughter Fatimah will come while she is carrying a bloody shirt, she hangs it from one pillar of the pillars of Arsh and says oh God do judge between the murderer of my son and I. I swear God of Kaba, the judgment is in favor of my daughter.[xcvi]

The resurrection day Fatimah will come… while she has the bloody shirt of Husayn in her hand.[xcvii] She is mounting a horse of heaven’s. Gabriel is taking the rein of the she-camel. Gabriel calls loudly, look down, Fatemeh is passing. People will close their eyes until she reaches Arsh. She throws herself to the ground[xcviii], will prostrate[xcix] and will say “oh my God! My master! My Mola! Do judge between me and those who oppressed me and killed my son.

At this moment, a voice on behalf of God will say, “oh my lovely and the daughter of my friend.[c] Look up[ci] and ask me, and I will give you. Intercede that I will accept your intercession, I swear My Dignity and Greatness that I will not forgive oppression of any oppressor.

Fatimah said, “oh my God! My master! My lord! Welcome my family, my followers, and followers of my followers.

A voice on behalf of God will say, “Where is her family, her followers and followers of her family and her lovers and lovers of her lovers?”

They all answer - while surrounded by angels – “here we are! oh God! Fatimah will lead them all until they enter heaven.”[cii]

She is told, “enter heaven.” she answers, “I will not until I know what my son Husayn will do.” It is said to her, “Look at the right side of you.”

When she looks, she sees Husayn standing there, headless. At this moment, Fatimah will cry severely. Women of heaven and angels will cry with her. Then Fatimah says “oh my son!” The light of my eyes!” Here God will get angry and order fire which is blown into for a thousand years to become black, “surround all those who were present at the time of murdering Husayn!” Hell will surround them. When they put inside fire, fire will shout at them, and they at fire. Then they will say by extended tongues “oh God! why did you put us in fire prior to idol worshippers?” God will say, “the one who knows is not equal with one who doesn't know.”[ciii] I hate murderers of Husayn, his crime in the resurrection day is more serious than the crimes of all sinful ones. The murderer of Husayn in resurrection day will enter hell accompanied by dualists.[civ]


Husayn is not killed except when next imam is born from him and all imams of guidance are from him … imams after me are: Ali the guide, Hasan the guided, Husayn just, Ali ibn husayn helper, Mohammad ibn Ali forgiving, Jafar ibn Mohammad blissful, Mosa ibn Jafar trustee, Ali ibn Mosa reliable, Mohammad ibn Ali Imam, Ali ibn Mohammad active, Hasan ibn Ali wise, and that imam whom Isa ibn Maryam will pray behind him.[cv]

God Almighty told me “to take revenge for the blood of Yahya ibn. Zakarya who was killed innocently I killed seventy thousand one. Now for his grandson I will kill seventy thousand and after that another seventy thousand.[cvi]

A group carrying black flags will come from east who requests justice but they are not given. They fight, then their right is given. But they do not accept unless they give the right to a man of my family who will spread justice in the earth, as it was filled by oppressions by oppressors. Anyone who is present in that time should join them, even if he has to crawl on ice.[cvii]


{Words of prophet to his son Husayn}

Oh Husayn! the last beverage that you drink is the blood of your face which comes to your mouth while you are thirsty.[cviii] You have a rank in the heaven which you can't reach unless by your martyrdom.[cix] Oh Husayn! your murderer and I, in the day of resurrection, have a judgment a head. I will be in peace when God prepare this court for me in that day.[cx] God keeps his Mercy away from your murderer.[cxi] I wish I know who dares to kill you after my death![cxii] who is the one who killed Husayn after me[cxiii] and will that nation who kills my lovely son and beloved son of my daughter be saved?[cxiv] Oh my beloved one Husayn! it seems I see you that in near future will roll in your blood in a land of Karbala among a group of my nation and you in that time are thirsty and no one will give you water. They expect my intercession! What happen to them? God in the day of doom does not give my intercession to them, and they have no value before God. Oh my beloved Husayn! Your father, mother, and brother are with me in heaven and they are looking forward visiting you.[cxv] You will join us soon.[cxvi] Hurry up that there is a reserved jug for you with us.[cxvii] Oh my son! you are martyr of Ale Muhammad. The residence of Heavens and Arsh give the glad tiding of your coming.

My son Hurry and don’t hesitate: now one of the angels of the skies descends to fill a green dish by your blood.[cxviii]

My beloved son! Gabriel came to me and gave me this news that you (Imams) will be killed and your graves are scattered in different places. I got sad with this news and asked for blessings of God.

(Oh Husayn! though your graves are scattered) a group of my nation will come (to visit your graves and will circulate your graves.) They want well for me and want to join me. In the day of doom, I see them in Moghef and I will grasp their wings to save them from hardship of the day of doom.[cxix]


{Words of prophet in true dreams of Omme Salameh }

Oh Omme Salameh! People attacked my son and killed
him. I saw him just now killed.[cxx] I witnessed him slaughtered,[cxxi] Husayn and his family were killed. And now I finished burying them.[cxxii]

Oh Ibn Abbas!

I don’t know what my nation has done after me? They killed my son Husayn. Now this is his blood and the blood of his companions that I am carrying towards God.[cxxiii] Oh Amer Ibn Saad Bejeli!
Go towards Bra ibn Azeb. Say my hi to him and let him know that murderers of Husayn are in the hell. And it is about God Almighty punishes people in return for this action.[cxxiv]

When the holy head of Imam Husayn was taken to Sham prophet told him, “Greetings to you my son! you are killed! They stopped you of drinking water. Do you think they don’t know you? Now this is me your grandfather, Mostafa and this is your father Ali Morteza. and this is your mother Fatemeh Zahra and this is your brother Hasan.[cxxv]

My beloved son! Husayn you live an honored and prosperous life and when you were killed you were thirsty. They killed you and God joins you to us.

God blesses you my son and never blesses you killer. Tomorrow (the day of Resurrection) woe to him from fire of the Hell! oh Adam! oh Noah! oh Moses! oh Isa! Do witness on what you see, what they do with my son.[cxxvi]


As if I see the palaces raised next to the grave of Husayn.

It will pass not a long time that from every corner of the world people will come towards him. And that time is the time of deterioration of Bani Marvan’s rulership.[cxxvii]

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