Imam baqir (p.b.u.h) said: Allah,blessed most high said,I will certainly punish every muslim community who accepted the leadership of a tyrant leader who isn't chosen by Allah.
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Monday, 25 September 2017 23:01


In Surah Qadr

We sent this (the Holy Koran) down on the Night of Honor (Qadr).

What could let you know what the Night of Honor is!

The Night of Honor is better than a thousand months,

In it the angels and the Spirit (Gabriel) descend by the permission of their Lord upon every command.

Peace it is, till the break of dawn.

A night in each year

As we understand from the verses (216) and (217) of surah Qadr, there is a night in each year which is worth a thousand month in value. On this night, angels descend with their leader “Soul” and bring whatever God determines for a year.

From the traditions in interpretation of this surah and the verses of surah Dokhan, we can understand that angels in the night of Qadr bring the determined destiny of people to the presence of Imam of the time. This was always like this and it will be like this forever. At the time of Prophet Muhammad, angels were descended to him. Every one accepted this. The other thing which is accepted is the point that after Prophet, the Qadr night still exists, as in Quran it is mentioned clearly that in each YEAR we have it. Rashid al-Din Meybodi, a famous Sunitte commentator, said that some said, this Qadr night was at the time of Prophet and finished. But it is not true, because all companions of Prophet and Islamic scholars believe that Qadr night remains till the Day of Doom.

Sheikh Tabarsi narrated from Abuzar Ghaffari who said,

I told Prophet, Oh, the Prophet! Did qadr night and decadence of angels exist only at the time of prophets? And when they passed away, is not there any Qadr night? The Prophet said, no, qadr night will be repeated each year till the Day of resurrection. Regarding this, many traditions reached us. For example a tradition mentioned in ‘Usul Kafi from Imam Jafar Sadiq. He said, Ali (a.s.) mentioned frequently that whenever two people were at the presence of Prophet, he recited surah Qadr and cried. He was asked, why are you so sensitive to this Surah? He answered, this sensitivity is for what my eyes had seen and my soul absorbed. And after me this man ( Ali) will absorb. He was asked again: what have you seen and what will he see? Prophet, in their reply, wrote this on the ground: in the night of Qadr angels and Soul by the order of God will descend and bring down all destinies. Then he said, when God said ALL destinies, can a destiny be excluded? People himself answered, no.

The owner of Qadr night

When we conclude that there exists a Qadr night, so we should pay attention so there should be an owner for this night. As it is said in traditions: if there is no owner, so where do angels go to? Open the book of destiny to whom?  Therefore, as Quran will remain till the end of the world and is the proof, the owner of the Qadr night will be and he is the proof. After the demise of the holy Prophet, it is for his successors and this is the great reality. (It means Qadr night exists each year, and it has the owner in each era). Imam Ali said:

ان لیله القدر، فی کل سنه. و انه ینزل فی تلک اللیلة امر السنه. و ان لذلک الامر ولاة بعد رسول الله - صلی الله علیه و آله

Qadr night is in all years. At this night, all destinies for the following year have been sent down. After the demise of Prophet, this night still has an owner.

The interesting point is that Sunnite scholars also in some cases clearly mentioned this truth, for example in Thaqalayn hadith. This tradition is famous and narrated frequently. Hundred documents of Sunnite and Shia assert it. And this is one of the most authentic Islamic truth. The holy Prophet said in this tradition,

انی تارک فیکم الثقلین، ما ان تمسکتم بهما لن تضلوا بعدی، احدهما اعظم من الاخر، کتاب الله و عترتی

I leave two precious things among you, you should stick to them ( both) , in this case you will not be misled.

One of these things is more important than the other one. These two are the book of God and my Aahlul Bayt.

Regarding this tradition, Sunnite scholars and researchers have important notes. Here, we only mention one of them. The famous tradition narrator, ibn Hujr Hethami makki Shafe’ee, the author of several books said,

وفی احادیث الحث علی التمسک باهل البیت، اشاره الی عدم انقطاع متاهل منهم للتمسک به، الی یوم القیامه، کماان الکتاب العزیز کذلک، و بهذا کانو امانا لاهل الارض..

The traditions reached us from Prophet and in them he emphasized on following the family of Prophet and sticking to their guidance, show that for always , till the day of resurrection, there is someone from their family who deserves to be leader, as Qurān is the guide till the end of the world. For this (that there is someone on the earth ) : they are the shield of support and security for the earth residents… .

We have seen that the great tradition of Thaqalain, besides proving Imamat principle, proves the continuation of Imamat. This tradition says, guidance has two pillars: Quran and Imam, and in the same way, it proves the continuation and survival of imam and imamat like survival of Quran.

This tradition is a clear proof on Imamat of Imam Mahdi; as it is asserting  the companionship of Quran and Ahlul Bayt till the day of resurrection. Therefore, as the holy Quran will remain till the resurrection day, existence of an imam of the time is essential and certain. The subject of survival of the presence of an owner is a certain issue. And it can not be changed. These two, survival of Quran and survival of Owner are always hand in hand.

Concerning it, we received a lesson from Imam Javad. It is good to mention it here:

God puts the Qadr night at the beginning of creation. He created the first prophet and the first successor in that night. God determined in each year be a night to descend people’s destiny in that night. Doubtlessly Prophets were related to Qadr night. Therefore, after the Prophets, there should exist the proof of God. Because in the night of Qadr, God send down destinies to the one He Wishes. By God, Soul and angels descend to Adam and brought destinies to him. And Adam did not pass away unless he chose a successor for himself. All prophets after Adam, also, in the night of Qadr, received the destinies. And each prophet passed this position to his successor…

Undoubtedly, prophets were related to Qadr Night, and after that their successors; the world will not remain without a caliph from God. God sends His decisions to the one who He wants. Soul and angels in Qadr night descended on Adam and gave him God’s decisions. Prophet Adam did not pass away unless he chose a successor for himself. All prophets after him received God’s decisions in Qadr night. And each prophet gave this position to his successor.”

In this tradition, there are several important points.   Here we point out to five of them:

1. The necessity order and destiny: the first thing which was created in this world was Qadr night which is the container of determining destiny.

2. The necessity of an executor: for each destiny, there should be someone to execute it.

3. The necessity  of  presence of Hojat (proof of God) who is the executor by the command of God, a prophet or his successor.

4. The necessity  of a medium, who is the proof of God and superior to other ones.

5. The necessity  of  continuity of Sunnah of God, non stop  till the resurrection day.

Quran and Qadr night

In some traditions we read that someone said to imam Sadiq, tell me about Qadr night. Did only pervious nations, including the nation of Prophet, have such a night or in each year or is it repeated?  Imam answered, if  Qadr night is taken from us, Quran should be taken away as well. This refers to the ultimate philosophy of the human beings’ presence on earth. Human beings should be tested here, then prosperous ones and ill-fated ones will know themselves,  and finally they will follow the path of God to go towards God. This needs continuity of this world. For it Hikmah and destiny, act and order are needed. All these things are related to Qadr night and presence of a proof of God. After them knowing the book of God and act upon it is needed. Therefore, the Hikmah of continuity of this world is the movement of human beings towards perfection. As the meaning of taking away Qadr night equals eradicating the world, therefore Quran would be of no use when there is no world.

Ali and the night of Qadr

Imam Ali reminded some of his unique positions to Harith and said, in Qadr night every year his power increases, and this will remain in my children who are the guardians of religion until the resurrection day. Imam Sadiq told his father, when Ali (a.s.) was recited Surah Qadr, his children Hasan and Husayn were present. Husayn told his father, when you recite this verse, we feel another sweetness (we do not find in other people’s recitation.) Ali said, oh the son of Prophet and my son! I know something from this Surah that you do not. When it was revealed, your grandfather Prophet called me. When I went to him, he recited it. Then put his hand on my shoulder and said, oh my brother and my successor, and guardian of my nation after me, and the warrior with my enemies, … this surah after me is your surah.   And after you, the surah of your two sons. Gabriel – who is my brother amongst all angels- informs me of all incidences my nation are going to face in a year. I will tell this news to you. And this surah in your heart and heart of your successor will remain shining till the reappearance of imam Mahdi (a.s.).