Imam baqir (p.b.u.h) said: Allah,blessed most high said,I will certainly punish every muslim community who accepted the leadership of a tyrant leader who isn't chosen by Allah.
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Saturday, 22 September 2012 20:09

Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar  (Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil)
The propagation of good things and drying the swamp of bad things is possible with “Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar”.
Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar are signs of sensation and life in a society. Without them the society will die and the stench of sin will spread everywhere.
In a polluted environment, even healthy individuals will become sick. Nahi Anil Munkar is a protest to those who make the space of society polluted for healthy breathing. This protest is both the right of every person and their responsibility.
If everyone says, “What is it to me?” goodness will become faded in society and transgression and sin will increase.
A society in which there is no “public oversight” is a dead society. In an Islamic society, if the culture of Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar is revived, the corrupt and people of sin and transgression will not feel free and comfortable, but will see the circumstances restricted for themselves.
If you are interested in your own well being, be in thought of the well being of society.
Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar are the callings of a pure fitrat (innate nature). Let us not disregard this innate calling.
Nahi Anil Munkar is not the weapon of arrogant people for the breaking of the pride of others. Rather it is a calling to the divine fitrat of man and prevention from the pollution of society’s environment with corruption and sin.
Society is nothing but the union of “you” and “I”. If you and I are not thinking about the reform of it, then who else is responsible?A manager and boss who is addicted to hearing flattery must be cured with the shot of “criticism”.