Imam baqir (p.b.u.h) said: Allah,blessed most high said,I will certainly punish every muslim community who accepted the leadership of a tyrant leader who isn't chosen by Allah.
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A to Z
Allah’s Sayings to the Prophet Jesus
Abstract: The holy books of all holy religions are a good source to understand what men should go through to get to perfection. Alongside these books there are other important guidelines which can only be found in the sayings of the Infallible Imams (as). But the guidelines are not limited to these. There is another source which is called “Ahadith Qudsi”, (Divine Narrations). These are direct sayings of God which are not part of the Holy Books. In this article some of the sayings of Allah to Jesus the son of Mary have been mentioned. They have been taken from Tuhaf al-Uqool, p. 496 – 501 and have been rearranged in alphabetical order.
Keywords: Jesus, Words of Wisdom, Divine Narrations  
Advice to connect to God
O Jesus, I offer to you the advice of the tender for you out of mercy. It has become binding for Me to care for you because you are seeking My satisfaction.
Answering the prayers
When you want to refer to Me, you should do so submissively with pure intention so that I will answer you.
Bani Israel
Say to the unjust Israelites: O comrades of evil, keep on doing so and I will convert you into apes and pigs.
Characteristics of the holy Prophet (s) revealed by God to Jesus
O son of Mary the Virgin, I command you to adhere to the master of the Messengers; My dear Ahmad, the rider of the red camel, the white-faced whose face shines with light, the pure-hearted, the powerful, the modest, and the bountiful. He is surely a mercy for the worlds and the most noble of the sons of Adam when he will meet Me (on the Day of Resurrection). He is the most honorable of the forerunners to Me and the closest of the submissive to Me. He is the Arab, the Meccan the embracer of My religion, and the steadfast for My sake, who will fight the polytheists to protect My religion.
Fondness of this world
You should know that the fondness of this world is the head of every fault and sin; so, do not be fond of it, for I am not fond of it.
God's order
O Jesus, you are the Christ according to My order. You create (things) from mud out of My permission and bring back the dead out of My words. Have desire towards Me and fear Me. You will not find anyone that protects you from Me except Me.
God's advice to the Bani Israel
O Jesus, say to the unjust Israelites: You have cleaned your faces but dirtied your hearts. Are you deceiving Me? Or are you challenging Me? You perfume yourselves for the people of this world while your interiors are like stinky corpses, as if you are dead people!
O Jesus, tell them: clip your nails against having ill-gotten property and shut your hearings against listening to obscenity. Come to Me with your hearts; I do not want your appearances.
God's recommendation about Muhammad (s) to the Bani Israel
You should foretell the Israelites of his coming and order them to have faith in him, believe him, follow him, and support him.
God's happiness
Do only what pleases Me, for I am pleased when I am obeyed not when disobeyed.
God's order to Jesus about oppressors
O Jesus, say to the unjust Israelites not to pray to Me while they keep their ill-gotten property under their laps and keep idols in their houses, for I took a pledge on Myself that I will answer him whoever prays to Me, but, for those ones, I will substitute by making them far from my mercy until they depart.
O Jesus, run toward Me with those who are fleeing from the blazing fire (of Hell) which contains chains and shackles. No rest comes in there and no grief goes out of it. It is just like a gloomy moonless night. He who avoids it is surely a winner. It is the (eternal) abode of the tyrants, the despots, and the oppressors as well as the coarse and rude.
 O Jesus, be desirous (for My rewards) and fearful (of My punishment). Take over your heart’s (desires) by fearing (Me). O Jesus, discipline your heart by fear of Allah. O Jesus, shed tears from your eyes for My sake and fear Me with Your heart.
Jesus Creation
O Jesus, I have created you from My words, and Mary gave birth to you according to My order. I sent to her Gabriel; My spirit and the trustee from My angels. Thus, you could walk on this earth lively. All that was recorded in My eternal knowledge.
O Jesus, be awake in hours of inadvertence and provide for My sake the nice words of wisdom.
O Jesus, wean yourself from the destructive passions as well as every lust that takes you away from Me. You should realize that I regard you as the honest messenger; therefore, be cautious (of me).
Look at your faults and weak points
O Jesus, look at your deeds like a sinful guilty slave, and do not look at others’ deeds. Abstain from receiving the worldly pleasures. Do not be acquisitive for it lest, you will perish.
O Jesus, do not swear by Me falsely lest, My (Divine) Throne will be shaken because of my anger. This worldly life is short in period and long in (false) hope. I have an abode that is more favorable than whatever they (worldly people) collect.
 O Jesus, you will be interrogated. Be compassionate to the weak like I am compassionate to you and do not distress the orphans. O Jesus, be kind to the weak.
O Jesus, be steadfast against misfortunes, be pleased with the act (of Allah).
Several characteristics of the holy Prophet (s)
He is Muhammad; the messenger of Allah sent to all the people (on earth). He is the owner of the closest standing to Me and he is the foremost intercessor. Blessed be him. What a Prophet he is! Blessed be those from his nation who will keep on pursuing his path until they meet Me. The inhabitants of this earth praise him and the inhabitants of the heavens seek (My) forgiveness to him. He is trustworthy, blessed, and clean. For Me, he is the best of the coming generations. He will come in the ends of time. When he comes out, the heavens will provide their rain, the land will bring out its blossoms, and people will see the blessings. I will bless anything on which he will put his hand. He will have many wives but will have few children.
The Other World
 No abode, like the abode to come (Paradise) where the good people are next to each other and the intimate angels (of Allah) visit them frequently. Furthermore, they will be secured against the horrors of Doomsday. The bliss of the abode to come is unchangeable and does not decline from its inhabitants.
Thinking about the world and people
O Jesus, be reasonable, ponder over things, and see (think about) the fate of the unjust ones in different parts of the earth.
Zikr- God's remembrance in every place
O Jesus, spend your times with mentioning Me with words and situating the fondness of Me in your heart.