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Saturday, 22 September 2012 19:50

The Manners of Ali (as),
The Commander of the Faithful
Ibn Hatam al-Ameli
Abstract: The present article is a selection of the manners and characteristics of Amir al-Mo’meneen Ali (as) which have been narrated from one of his companions: Habbat ibn Jovain al-Orani. The narration has been mentioned by ibn Hatam al-Ameli in al-Dor al-Nazim :
Keywords: Ali, Manners, ethics

    His happiness was apparent in his face and his sorrow was buried in his heart.
    He was the most patient and the best at controlling his desires.
    He had no grudge and no envy.
    He was neither aggressive (while speaking) nor said rude words.
    He wasn’t on the lookout for other peoples shortcomings and did not back-bite.
    He disliked gossiping.
    He had great sorrows and deep sadness’s.
    He was decent and always had God in mind.
    He was patient and thankful and (was so high) that no one could understand his great character.
    He was satisfied (with the fact) that he was needy.
    He was good-tempered and generous to all.
    He had great tolerance and was not abusive.
    If he laughed he did not surpass the limits of decency.
    When he became angry he would not rush.
    His laughter was only a smile, his questions were for learning and his references were for understanding.
    His knowledge was much, his patience was great and his kindnesses were numerous.
    He was not ungenerous; he did not become weary and did not make fun of anyone.
    He did not deviate from the truth in judgment and did not oppose his knowledge.
    Accompanying him was sweeter than honey.
    He was neither greedy nor violent.
    He donated without turning to extravagancy.
    He was just while angry.
    If you accompanied him he was a sincere friend.
    His love was pure and he was loyal to his vows and fulfilled his promises.
    He was satisfied with God and disobeyed his desires.
    He did not harm those who hurt him.
    He did not interfere with the things which were not related to him.
    He had great merits and honesty.
    He ate very little and in benefiting from the world, he was satisfied with the least of it.
    He had no wickedness and his blessings were extreme.
    If he was asked to give something away, he donated it.
    If he was offended, he forgave.
    If he was abandoned, he rejoined.
    He shared his knowledge with people.
    He welcomed God’s tests with the same extent that others were afraid of them.
    He always ordered to (obey) the truth and spoke likewise.
    He sped on the path of Allah.
    He knew himself and suppressed his internal desires.
    He was the helper of God (’s religion), the supporter of the faithful and the shelter of the Muslims.
    He hurried in whatever related to God.
    Greed did not influence his heart.
    Nothing prevented him from implementing God’s orders.
    He always invited people toward God and did what was right.
    He was very wise and sensible.
    He didn’t swear and was not foolish.
    He took distance from the evil-doers.
    He was the companion of truth, He sped to help the weak and he aided the suppressed.
    He did not reveal what was hidden and he did not expose the secrets.
    He protested little.
    If he saw goodness he would speak of it and if he saw badness he would not reveal it.
    He accepted the excuses of others.
    He accepted advice and assisted the incapable.
    He had good thoughts about other people.
    Because of Allah, he loved with understanding and knowledge.
    Because of Allah, he cut (bad) relationships with prudence and (good) excuse.
    Accompanying him brought happiness.
    Knowledge and wisdom had made him pure; like fire which purifies iron.
    He was a reminder for the learned and a teacher for the ignorant.
    He regarded all efforts more praiseworthy than his own and every soul more pure than his own.
    He had knowledge of the unknown (elm al-ghaib) and was occupied with sorrow.
    He did not bow except for God.
    He loved God and made great effort to satisfy Him.
    Did not take revenge out of his own desire.
    He accompanied the poor, supported the righteous, helped the foreigners, he was like a father for orphans and like a husband for the widows.
    His heart was filled with the lights of guidance.
    Difficult deeds were easy at his hand.
    He was the light of darkness.
    Knowledge was the fruit of his heart.

Yes! I swear to God, these were the manners of Ali (as).