Imam baqir (p.b.u.h) said: Allah,blessed most high said,I will certainly punish every muslim community who accepted the leadership of a tyrant leader who isn't chosen by Allah.
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Saturday, 22 September 2012 19:38

Islam, the religion of Moderation and Tolerance
espite the hardships that Muslims are subject to in different parts of the world, they are the members of a strong and active community, steadfastly serving their religion, and their brothers in their homelands, or abroad, in an atmosphere of moderation and tolerance.
Moderation means to walk through the middle way, and avoiding going to the extremes. It is a kind of thinking and speculation that appears in the behavior and practice of human beings. This respected manner can be observed in the political, governmental, social, economical, and devotional aspects of our behavior.
Moderation and tolerance are the behaviors and practice ordered by aql (common sense / man’s wisdom), while extremity is caused by anger and ignorance. Imam Ali (as) has said: “you do not see the ignorant people, unless they move on the extremes.” Islam, especially the Shia school of thought, recommends its followers to practice moderation, and tolerate other thoughts, teachings, and communities and interact with them peacefully. The message of Imam Ali (as), that can form the basis of the new millennium’s great religious movement, in the idea that people of all nations, religions, races and languages are brothers, and in fact, one people . They should not allow their differences to divide them. We are all human beings, created by one God, and this is the important point. It is time for the entire world’s people to unite in love, peace, and cooperation. We must work together to create a global civilization, in which ignorant prejudice, patriotism, tribalism and other causes of conflicts and wars are put outside.
Hamid Farnagh