Imam baqir (p.b.u.h) said: Allah,blessed most high said,I will certainly punish every muslim community who accepted the leadership of a tyrant leader who isn't chosen by Allah.
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Saturday, 22 September 2012 18:16

The Attempts of the Holy Prophet Concerning Be’sat
Nader Fazli

    Abstract: Nahj al-Balagha – the book of the sermons, letters and sayings of Imam Ali- is one of the best and most authentic references describing the time when the holy Prophet was appointed to Prophethood; as he –Ali – was the one who was with holy Prophet before and through his Divine appointment. 
In the present article, some parts of Nahj al-Balagha are chosen to picture the situation and suffers the holy Prophet went through to fulfill his mission.  

     Key Word: Be’sat
Attempts to Lead People
 stand witness that Muhammad - peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his progeny - is His slave and His Prophet. He called (people) to His obedience and overpowered His enemies by fighting for the sake of His religion. People's joining together to falsify him and their attempt to extinguish His light did not prevent him from it.
He entered every hardship in search of Allah's pleasure and endured for its sake every grief. His near relations changed themselves for him and those who were remote from him (in relationship) united against him. The Arabs let loose the reins (of their horses to quicken their march) against him, and struck the bellies of their carriers to (rouse them) in fighting against him, so much so that enemies to his threshold from the remotest places and most distant areas.
Allah deputized him (the Prophet) as a caller towards Truth and a witness over the creatures. The Prophet conveyed the messages of Allah without being lazy and without any short-coming, and he fought His enemies in the cause of Allah without being languid and without pleading excuses. He is the foremost of all who practice piety and the power of perception of all those who achieve guidance. 
Steadiness in the Battlefield 
n the company of the Prophet of Allah (p.b.u.h.) we used to fight our parents, sons, brothers and uncles, and this continued us in our faith, in submission, in our following the right path, in endurance over the pangs of pain and in our fight against the enemy. A man from our side and one from the enemy would pounce upon each other like energetic men contesting as to who would kill the other; sometime our man got over his adversary and some-time the enemy's man got over ours.
When Allah had observed our truth He sent ignominy to our foe and sent His succor to us till Islam got established (like the camel) with neck on the ground and resting in its place. By my life, if we had also behaved like you, no pillar of (our) religion could have been nor could the tree of faith have borne leaves.
The Household of the Holy Prophet
 have seen the companions of the Prophet but I do not find anyone resembling them. They began the day with dust on the hair and face ¬(in hardship of life) and passed the night in prostration and standing in prayers. Sometimes they put down their foreheads and sometimes their cheeks. With the recollection of their resurrection it seemed as, though they stood on live coal. It seemed that in between their eyes' there were signs like knees of goats, resulting from long prostrations.
When Allah was mentioned their eyes flowed freely till their shirt collars were drenched. They trembled for fear of punishment and of reward as the tree trembles on the day of stormy wind.
Where are those who were invited to Islam and they accepted if? They read the Quran and decided according to it. They were exhorted to fight and they leapt (towards it) as she-camels leap towards their young. They took their swords out of the sheaths and went out into the world in groups and rows. Some of them perished and some survived. The good news of survival does not please them nor do they get condoled about the dead. Their eyes have turned white with weeping. Their bellies are emaciated because of fasting. Their lips are dry because of (constant) praying. Their color is pale because of wakefulness. Their faces bear the dust of God-fearing. These are my comrades who have departed. We should be justified if we feel eager for them and bite our hands ill their separation.
Certainly, Satan has made his ways easy for you and wants to unfasten the knots of religion one by one and to cause division among you in place of unity. Keep away from his evil ideas and enchantments and accept good advice of one who offers it to you and preserve it in your minds.
Steadiness and Victory
earts of virtuous persons have been inclined towards him and the reins of eyes have been turned towards him. Through him Allah buried mutual rancor and put off the flames of revolt. Through him He gave them affection like brothers and separated those who were together (through unbelief). Through him He gave honor to the low and degraded honor (of unbelief). His speaking is clear and his silence is (indicative) like tongue.
I stand witness that Muhammad is His slave, His chosen Prophet and responsible trustee - may Allah bless him and his descendants. Allah sent him with undeniable proofs, a clear success and open paths.
So he conveyed the message declaring the truth with it. He led the people on the (correct) highway, established signs of guidance and minarets of light and made Islam's ropes strong and its knots firm .
Allah made him responsible for conveying His message and (a means of) honor for his people, a period of bloom for the men of his days, a source of dignity for the supporters and an honor for his helpers. 
The Blessing of Islam
raise be to Allah who established Islam and made it easy for those who approach it and gave strength to its columns against any one who tries to overpower it. So Allah made it (a source of) peace for him who clings to it, safety for him who enters it, argument for him Speaks about it, witness for him who fights with its help, light for who seeks light from it, understanding for him who provides it, sagacity for him who exerts, a sign (of guidance) for him who perceives, sight for him who resolves, lesson for him who seeks advice, salvation , who testifies, confidence for him who trusts, pleasure for him  entrusts, and shield for him who endures.
It is the brightest of all paths, the clearest of all passages. It has dignified minarets, bright highways, burning laps, prestigious field activity, and high objective. It has a collection of race horses. It is approached eagerly. Its riders are honorable. Testimony (of Allah, Prophet etc.) is its way, good deeds are its minarets, death is its extremity, this world is its race-course, the Day of Judgment is its horses and Paradise is its point of approach.