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Saturday, 22 September 2012 18:08

A Special View
                                       Gholam  A. Haddad Adel
Abstract: In this article, the best attempt is made to clear another side of this coin:  propagating nudity  in forms of fashion,… .
To make this side clear, a significant question is raised: “Is hijab a limitation or freedom disguised in the appearance of limitation?” and the present article is answering the mentioned question.
Though in rushing societies, the mentioned aspect may lost its importance and fades, it is not uncovered for concerned people that our soul is on the influence of our mind and our mind at the influence of our environment. Therefore, we need to be assure of the health of our society to help our soul become pure enjoying real freedom.  
Key words: Hijab, Nudity,

Hijab is one of the most controversial issues in many societies. Those who doubt it or wholly disregard it usually argue that it limits women’s freedom.
But is it a limitation or a limitation which brings freedom?
ere a few reasons will be provided about the necessity of having Hijab:
The First reason is that “Nudity” will diminish the value of a woman and demote her to the point of merely being some sort of “merchandise”. There is no doubt that human beings possess sexual desire and this desire must be satisfied like all other natural desires, but satisfying the sexual desire does not mean that a woman must offer any part of her body everywhere and to everyone. A woman, who shows-off her body to everyone, is in fact trying to find a place in society through her “feminine” rather than through her “humane” characteristics. In this way, she declares that her priority is in “being a woman” rather than “being a human”.
Such a woman, before being anything else, is a slave of herself; she is like a shopkeeper who is so obsessed with decorating the shops showcase that she fails to broaden her view to think about more worthy things.
In a society, in which the value of a woman is not measured in terms of her humane but rather her feminine attributes, women will be treated like merchandise. Before going any further, let me make a tangible example to portray how in a materialistic society women can turn into goods and merchandise and show the effect that such an event can have on them.
This factual example is a commercial advertisement which has been quoted from a book named “The visible self: perspectives on dress” , Written by 2 American authors. They have scrutinized the issue of dressing from various aspects based on western attitudes and values. In this book a section has been dedicated to analyze “What part of a woman’s body men from different cultures are more attracted to” and to justify their claim, they have used an advertisement from an industrial company called “Burlington” which specializes in designing and manufacturing clothes and stockings. The advertisement consists of 3 pictures in which the first one shows the bare neck of a woman with the caption “Japanese”, the second one pictures the bulging breasts of a woman from under her dress captioned “French” and the third whose size is equal to the two aforementioned shows the bare legs of a woman with the caption “Americans”. The following text has been written under these pictures:

“What we want to tell women about men is this:
Men from different parts of the world are different.
The things that arouse American men are the “legs”
And only Burlington knows the “legs” Well. That’s because we produce the sexiest stockings in the world.
You will hear our name for the next 10 weeks at many important places.
This spring we are in “Redbook” and in the “fashion journal attachment” of “New York Times” and in the national and local TV channels.
Don’t miss this opportunity, save up your money to buy our stockings.
You need these stockings more than any other American lady. ”
This is just one sample from many such advertisements found in the displays of western countries.
The point which this advertisement tries to convey is that a- Japanese men are attracted by women’s necks, French men by their breasts and Americans by their legs (psychology at the service of sex). b- The sexiest stockings are produced by company X (sex at the service of investment) and c- For 10 weeks all mass media will focus on advertising this product (mass media at the service of investment).
This is exactly what we are afraid of and are against. Degrading, disparaging and belittling women to the extent that when we speak of them, it’s as if we are speaking about “a pack of cigarettes” or “a pair of shoes,” etc. Unfortunately this destiny is imposed on women in the name of “Freedom of right’s and equality”. When humility woman’s stature is reduced to such a state, she is no longer regarded as a human being possessing an independent identity, she is only regarded as something who is only worthy of being described by her body and  her sexy face,  breasts and legs. Just as if describing the tastiest parts of the body of a lamb. Women have lost much. They are no longer the pearls of beauty and purity encased between the protecting cover of the shell of their veils and coverings.
The Second reason for women to have Hijab and not act loosely regarding their coverings is that this act is the basis of acting loosely and recklessly in sexual desires. Academic and scientific studies in physiology and psychology regarding the emotional and physical differences between men and women prove that men are more sensitive to visual stimulus than women and women are more sensitive to tactile stimulus than men:
“The threshold of tactile sensation and the sense of pain are lower in women compared to men from the day they are born. This means women are more sensitive to pain and touch. They are also better listeners than men ….But men are better at seeing. These gender-related privileges regarding tactile sensitivity are not teachable but are inborn. Mature men are more sensitive to visual sexual stimulus. This weak point in men is obvious in all aspects of their life and is wrongly exploited with the means of sexual photos, movies and pornography. The word “ogling” which is mostly attributed to men is the result of this sensitivity to sexual-visual drives. On the other hand women are more sensitive to tactile stimulus.”
Regarding Islamic Hijab, sometimes women compare their coverings with the coverings of men and ask, why is it compulsory for a women to cover their hair and neck but not for men? Using the aforementioned facts the answer is clear. Men are more sexually aroused by looking at a woman’s body than vice versa. It has been proved using sexual psychology that all parts of the body of a woman are attractive for men but the opposite is not true.
Going back to topic, we declared that acting loosely regarding covering the body is the basis for ignoring limits and boundaries in sexual desires. If in a society, no boundaries are set in this regard, inevitably, there will be no limitation in sexual relations between the individuals of that society. Because unlimited sexual provoking demands unlimited satisfaction of sexual desires: Which society do you know of who practices unlimited satisfaction of sexual desires? The various experiments performed regarding this matter are enough to show that sexual instinct cannot be satisfied by ignoring the limits and boundaries in sexual relations? Even in the animal kingdom, no one can find boundless, regulation-free sexual relationships.
In the west, with each curtain of modesty which draws back, what is shown is only attractive and absorbing for a just few days, and then it loses its attraction and becomes something normal. Once this kind of stimulus loses its glitter men will look for a newer stimulus which is stronger. This is exactly why the merchants of this dirty trade are always trying to find newer and stronger techniques for stimulation and sexual arousal.
One of the big blunders of those who promote the theory of unbounded sexual relations is that they presume that mankind only has one social instinct and that is sexual instinct. Thus they wrongly approach this instinct as if it is isolated from all other social factors.
A very delicate and essential point regarding the issue of gender, clothes, bareness and all the laws applying to them, is that these should not only be viewed from the perspective of  the social life of  an individual; rather we must not forget about the modesty and continence. Modesty and continence are of the unique features of human beings. Only humans insist on covering up at least some parts of their bodies and have the ability to control their sexual desires. If the ability to speak, logic and conscience are regarded as the differences between human beings and animals and they are considered as “perfection” for mankind and give him value – why cannot “modesty and having shame towards it” (which are endowed to human beings only) be considered as “perfection”? In sexual matters and bareness or having modesty, there is a great mysterious world within the inner self of mankind which must not be overlooked.