Imam baqir (p.b.u.h) said: Allah,blessed most high said,I will certainly punish every muslim community who accepted the leadership of a tyrant leader who isn't chosen by Allah.
safinah 5
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1 Islamic Center Introduction: Foundation of Islamic C.P.W 1426
2 Book Introduction The Sermon of Prophet Muhammad at Ghadir Khum 1338
3 The Scroll of Fatima al-Zahra 1546
4 The Humanitarian Law at Wartime 1251
5 Argumentation in Divine Theology 1288
6 The Attempts of the Holy Prophet Concerning Be’sat 1217
7 A Story of the Tragedy of Ashoora I am Sakina 1127
8 Hijab A Special View 1366
9 Soul of the Prophet 1313
10 A Brief Look at the Commonalities of Three Divine Religions in Belief 1233
11 I Am I a Follower of Ahl al-Bait? 1162
12 Editorial 1195