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Friday, 21 September 2012 19:32

 Database introduction

Name of the website: Islamic occasions
Language: English
Subject: Islamic occasions, Islamic calendar, 14 infallibles, holy wars, etc.
Founder: Akramulla Syed

"Islamic Occasions Network"
is a humble effort to serve the spiritual, informational, cultural, educational and social needs of the worldwide Islamic community in particular and non-Islamic community in general. It is a non-profit Internet-based group working to present the ideals and sublime teachings of Islam to the world, as directed by our Holy Prophet Mohammad (Highly Praised) and his Ahlul Bayt (p.b.u.t.), to remove the misconceptions about the world's fastest growing religion Islam and finally inviting people towards the most beautiful way of life. It has no connections with any political or religious organization, and associated with no school of thought other than that of Ahlul Bayt (p.b.u.t.).
The founder of the network "Akramulla Syed" realized the need for a comprehensive Islamic website, because of the vast amount of information on the Internet, it's easy to come across incorrect information about Islam and Muslim people. Particularly in today's world, misconceptions about our faith are rampant. Hence, he laid the foundation of this Islamic website in 1998 with only few articles. Since then it is a continuous process of addition of different sections, to fulfill
the needs of different sections of the worldwide community.Today "islamicoccasions" website is grown to be one of the best Islamic websites available online, serving almost 20,000 unique visitors every day from different parts of world community.
"islamicoccasions" is a unique, global Islamic web site on the Internet that provides services to Muslims and non-Muslims. To become a reference for everything that deals with Islam and Muslim by providing information through various links to some useful and quality information of which are the following:
Free PDF Islamic Books Download: Here people can download free Islamic books in PDF format.
Islamic Occasions Network: This website is about different Islamic Occasions throughout the Islamic calender, each occasion has been written briefly. And many websites throughout the world link our Islamic Occasions in their website, example,, and etc
Moral Stories: This website contains lots of moral stories for different age group of people. Stories from the life of prophets andImams as well as from the lives of ordinary people, which teach us extraordinary morals.
Holy Ramadan: This website contains information related to Muslim Holy month of Ramadhan, for Muslims as well as non-Muslims who like to learn about fasting, prayers, charity, celebration and etc. This link is one of the sublinks of
the Islamic calendar. There are other links about all the months from Moharram to Dhu Al-Hijjah as well e.g. in which important information about the events of the month is provided.
Mazloom Husain (p.b.u.h): This website contains all the information related to Muslim Holy month of Mohurram, and all the sacrifices carried out by the family of Prophet (p.b.u.h), particularly Imam Husain (p.b.u.h) and his companions to save dignity of Islam.
Hajj-e-Baytullah: This website contain all the information related to Muslim pilgrimage called as Hajj, preparation of Hajj, process of Hajj, history of Hajj, till Eid Al-Adha, the festival of sacrifice in Islam in the memory of great Prophets Abraham and Ishmael (p.b.u.t).
Islam Page: This website is about the introduction of Islam to Muslims as well as non-Muslims, talks about purpose of life, Christianity, comparative religion, prophecies about the Holy Prophet of Islam in Hindu, Christian and Jewish Scriptures (religious books), Shia Sunni unity and much more
Islam for Dummies: This website contains very basic information about Islam for anyone who likes to learn about Islam and particularly very useful for non-Muslims.
Free Screensavers and wallpapers: This website contains beautiful wallpapers, screensavers and presentations for people to download freely for their computers
Islamic Occasions News Letter / Mailing List: Here people
register their name and details to receive emails from the website on various important Islamic subjects.
It is good to point that "Islamic calendar", "14 infallibles" and "holy wars" are the links which contain the main content of the website. Each of them contains many links that are considered to be rich source of information.
And finally the interesting point about the site is the forum (discussion group) in which there is the process of asking and answering the questions between those with information need and people who have special knowledge about the subjects.

Visiting the website is highly recommended.

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